Due to the feed-in tariff programme there
is unique opportunity for investors to
invest in green energy with the following

•        The return of investment is linked to
retail price index. Very few other
investment opportunities can compete
with this fact. Over the project period of 25
years with an estimated inflation rate of
2% per year the linkage to the RPI can
give an advantage of 40% compared to
other long term investments.

•        The safety of revenues is based on
the feed-in tariff programme. The costs for
the programme will be borne by all British
electricity consumers proportionally: all
consumers will bear a slight increase in
their annual rate, that allowing electricity
utilities to buy renewable energy
generated from green sources at above-
market rates set by the government. So
there's no danger of a change of
government policy due to public budget
deficits for example. Furthermore the
stock guarantee gives an extra safety for