Our partner in the Totnes area of Devon is TRESOC – Totnes Renewable Energy Society – an
Industrial and Provident Society owned by its members, currently numbering 378. TRESOC’s aim is to profitably develop local renewable energy resources for the benefit of the community through investment and participation in its strategic energy projects.
TRESOC grew out of an energy workshop organised by Transition Town Totnes in 2006 where a group of Totnes and Environs residents shared their concerns about the threats of depleting global oil and gas supplies (peak oil) and the impacts of climate change, and discussed the potential for community ownership in developing the renewable energy resources of the area. The working group developed a constitution and since 2007 TRESOC’s board have been working to realize a commercially viable portfolio of innovative wind, hydro, biomass and solar projects. Visit TRESOC's website ( to learn more.

Solar is an important part of TRESOC’s portfolio, and with South Western Solar Projects Ltd. as a key technology partner, we are optimistic that together we will successfully develop commercially-scaled projects appropriate to the local landscape.